emmanow2 Emma Smith, London

Working with Chantelle was great – she  instantly made me feel at ease and helped me all the way through. I originally got turned down by another journalist while trying to tell my story but Chantelle was willing to give it a go and gave me the confidence to believe my story was worth something. It has been a great pleasure working with her and I cannot thank her enough for all her help and support. She’s a lovely lady and I’m so grateful she contacted me.


Kirsty Lister, Scunthorpe.

I would just like to say how nice it was to work with you. I was very nervous about sharing my story, but you were so friendly and understanding towards me. If I had any queries or worries you always made sure I felt reassured and I felt like I was in total control. Thank you. x



Darren Galsworthy, father of murdered Bristol schoolgirl Becky Watts.

Chantelle was a pleasure to work with. Her dedication and insight into my experience helped me to truly open up about my tragedy. When we worked on my book Becky, Chantelle was a true professional the whole way through. Her mastery of the English language and turn of phrase took the rantings of a madman (me) and turned it into a beautifully crafted book. Chantelle managed to encapsulate the essence of my relationship with my daughter very well. I can highly recommend this young talent and I believe she will go on to much bigger things. 

Michelle Michelle Hoffmann, Andover

What can I say, I am so grateful to Chantelle for listening to my story. She was sympathetic but also honest about needing the other person’s side to the story. Secondly, for writing my story so true to how I told it to her. Thirdly for making me feel so comfortable. I would recommend Chantelle to anyone, I have never once felt anything but safe in the knowledge my story was in good hands and she would do her best to get it sold and for the right price. My story was written true to me and how I told it. Thank you Chantelle! I really am grateful!

agelinepic    Angeline Dickson, Glasgow

What can I say about Chantelle to sum up her professional and caring attitude towards me that would do her justice? She listened to me, offered empathy and really understood where I was coming from, as much as anyone could who hasn’t gone through PND. I know that she has a job to do but she was genuinely interested and wasn’t there just for the story like other journalists that I’ve worked with in the past.   I admit, I was reluctant to share the last bit of my story due to the sensitive nature and for fear of backlash but when we spoke about the pros and cons, I could see for myself how much it would help in breaking down stigmas – which has always been my main aim. I felt absolutely no pressure from Chantelle, she continues to support me even now and has been amazing. I thank her for giving me the courage and to continue fighting stigma in our society relating to PND, abortion and gender issue.

Annie 1    Annie Merrilees, London

I found working with Chantelle a pleasant experience. She listened carefully to everything I had to say and took my thoughts and feelings on board. I felt she truly understood what I went through. The story she wrote was amazing – she did it great justice. She was a joy to work with and her efforts were much appreciated.

afterpic4 Jayne Fielding, Bristol

Chantelle recently wrote an article about my drastic weight loss of 20 stone. We had many conversations beforehand and she was very thorough. In every conversation we had she made me feel at ease and I could always talk to her without feeling nervous. I for one think she is a very good journalist and I’m hoping to work again with her in the future.


Charlotte now 1    Jessica Oliver, Newcastle

When Chantelle rang me she put me at ease straight away. I was very worried about telling her my story in case she judged me – but she made me feel so comfortable. She took the time to listen to my story and even helped me deal with some issues. I want to thank her for telling my story and becoming a friend that I look forward to working with again. She is very easy to talk to – thank you xxx

LR MEDAVIA_JANINE_MACHIN (3)    Janine Machin, Preston

When Chantelle phoned me about my story, I was originally very nervous as it was a very personal subject. Her empathetic approach and understanding nature immediately put me at ease and made me realise that actually I could help so many people by speaking out. I began to realise there were positives to my illness – I could reach out and help others  – and that’s all down to Chantelle. She was very friendly and went the extra mile to ensure that all the details were as they should be and I was okay with everything that was happening. I feel proud to have Chantelle represent me and hope she can help others the same way she helped me.

kellyandkiera   Kelly-Marie Rayner, Farnborough

I would like to give my feedback on what an amazing job you have done on my story. You were empathetic and sympathetic towards me, helping me through the hard times in explaining my story to you. You have been very supportive and I am so pleased with the story. It was heartfelt and very beautiful and Kiera would have been proud. I couldn’t have written the story better myself and your input was amazing. Thank you for everything you have done so far and whatever you will do to help me and my family get the story out there in the future.

lorrybeach    Anna Verta, London

I found and still find Chantelle  to be a very thoughtful person. I felt comfortable taking to her and at ease. She took on board what we as a family had been through is still going through. I found Chantelle very reassuring about the text she was taking on to write. She communicated with updates and questions and I found her to be very professional. My family and I are very grateful for your care, advice and honesty – thank you so much, and good luck with everything you do.

newpic   Lyndsey Walker, Preston

I actually approached Chantelle when I saw her advertising on Facebook for interesting stories. After suffering with a rare mental disorder I wanted to get the awareness out there and Chantelle was amazing at that. She called at convenient times for myself and was always very understanding and sympathetic towards my story, she was constantly letting me vet things before she sent them to any publishers continually checking I was ok with what was written. Overall a very talented writer who I would definitely use again or recommend to anybody.

Deb and Alan 4    Deborah Parker, Stoke-on-Trent

Chantelle wrote my story for both a magazine and a national newspaper. During the whole process I found her to be a compassionate and understanding person. Now I consider Chantelle as a friend.

robynandjamie2    Robyn Fullwood, Stoke-on-Trent

Chantelle contacted me after my story appeared in a local newspaper.  After a chat over the phone she said that she may be able to get me a paid magazine deal.  Chantelle was as good as her word and actually arranged for my story to appear in two separate magazines.   I have found her service to be friendly, professional and tailored to my individual needs. She made me feel very at ease and comfortable when talking to her and made sure to update me on the progress of each magazine deal. I would highly recommend Chantelle for anyone looking for a media consultant or journalist.

dogg2     Michelle Inch, Barry

Chantelle got my story into the Daily Mail and several magazines, which resulted in me appearing on the Alan Titchmarsh show. The process was easy and stress-free, which was great for me, and now everyone knows about my business which is amazing. My Chihuahua Peekaboo now laps up all the attention – thank you.


MAXINEGARNER    Maxine Garner, Stoke-on-Trent

Chantelle was great to work with on my recent story. The communication between myself and the magazines was faultless as she was in regular contact day and night. She was also very sensitive to the subject I was discussing and allowed me to build trust in her to write a piece I was completely happy with.

lisaheadshot    Lisa James, Llanelli

Chantelle helped me to share two personal experiences in national press. From the word go, she was absolutely amazing! She was very helpful and understanding and kept in touch daily to ensure I was happy with all the work she was doing! I particularly found her very approachable and friendly and would highly recommend Chantelle, she is a people’s person and always makes a huge effort.

944354_10151372223866364_899277501_n    Tsia Miller, Lincolnshire

I first dealt with Chantelle when she contacted me through Facebook, she came across as very polite and interested in my story. Further down the line, she kept me very well informed and replied quickly if I had any questions on the whole process of selling a story. Chantelle made my whole experience of doing this very assured as I was initially dubious about the publicity it would bring, but her calm approach and considerate manner help me feel at ease, and now I’m glad I went ahead with it.
Caris bald   Caris Hedd Bowen, Pembrey
Chantelle kindly approached me when I first got diagnosed with cancer at 21 years old. I had already started a column at the local paper, the Llanelli Star, and Chantelle spoke to me about sharing my story with a magazine. She is a lovely young woman and a beautiful writer and I have always felt like if I have needed to ask any questions she would be more than happy to help. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with her.
Amy Moore - Ava and I    Amy McStein, Liverpool
When I was first approached and asked if I would share my story I was very nervous and anxious. This feeling didn’t last long as I was taken under Chantelle’s wing and was made to feel at ease due to her caring, friendly yet professional attitude. She answered any qualms and queries I had quickly. And always treated me with compassion and respect. Chantelle was a pleasure to work with and has even secured me another deal with a different magazine. I would happily recommend her.
juliapiccie    Julia Barrett, Croxley Green
I found Chantelle warm and friendly but also compassionate and professional. She kept me updated and informed at all times and made the process easy and enjoyable. She made me feel that my story was appreciated and special. Chantelle wrote my story in full based on the details I had given to her, she read me her version of events to ensure I was happy before selling it to the chosen magazine. I found the whole experience exciting and stress free, although sometimes tough, but Chantelle was always sensitive to my feelings.

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