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As well as helping my clients tell their inspirational real-life stories to magazines, I often also help them reach out to national newspapers to maximise their coverage.

Here is a selection of some of the online coverage I have helped my clients to achieve.

Woman lost 8 stone after being too huge to fit life jacket on holiday of a lifetime

The private turmoil of a teenage girl gripped by anorexia has been shared by her family after the vicious illness claimed her life.Loredana Verta’s mother Anna was powerless to help her treasured daughter. But the 55-year-old has today made Loredana’s diaries public, in the hope of educating others of just how deadly the disease can be.

‘My baby caught meningitis after our CAT licked her bottle’: Girl almost died after contracting rare form of deadly illness .

It was worth the wait! Twenty years go by before childhood sweethearts finally share their first kiss.

A little boy with a rare condition which gave him 12 fingers and 12 toes has defied doctors to learn to smile, walk and communicate in time for his second birthday.

The father of a baby boy born the size of a slice of bread documented his son’s desperate fight for life in a series of heart-wrenching photographs.

Many brides find themselves  desperately trying to lose a pound or two just before their big day to make sure they fit into their dress. Tsia Pullen had a more drastic plan. She was so determined to lose weight for her wedding that she decided to have plastic surgery – and sold her house to pay for it.

A mother’s concern about a mark on her son’s forehead led to HER being diagnosed with skin cancer.

An embarrassing Facebook photo inspired a young woman to ditch unhealthy habits and lose almost half her body weight.

There’s nothing quite like it after a hard day in the park.  Chill out… have your nails done… relax with a facial… .Then get someone to smooth all those nasty tangles from your hair with a luxury conditioner and massage, and finish it off with some Coco Chanel spray.  Ah, the comforts of being a pampered pooch – provided your devoted owner can cover a bill that could run into hundreds. The services are being offered for dogs, cats and even horses by Michelle Inch, 25, at her Pawfection Pet Boutique in Barry, South Wales.–dogs-Pet-grooming-taken-barking-new-lengths-pup-boutique.html#comments

A glamour model and mother obsessed with achieving the figure of her celebrity idol Cat Deeley was left perilously close to death after taking a lethal concoction of diet pills and appetite suppressants.

An aspiring model says the overwhelming support she received from her Facebook friends is the secret behind her cancer recovery.

A vegetarian says she hasn’t eaten any greens for 21 years because she is terrified of vegetables.

A young mother says she has no regrets after doctors told her to have a baby aged 19 – or lose her chance of parenthood.

A Shania Twain superfan has sacrificed relationships, thousands of pounds, hundreds of hours and even her first name in a bid to emulate her ‘inspirational’ idol.

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