How to sell your story

It’s completely natural to feel nervous about sharing your story. That’s why when you contact me you don’t have to worry about not being in control – everything you tell me is in complete confidence and doesn’t have to go further if you would prefer it not to.

The first step is to give me a brief description of your story – you can do this either by filling in the story submission form on this site or calling /texting. We can discuss what you would like to achieve and the best way to handle your story, and what it will take to get it into print.

I can advise you on which magazines, newspapers or television outlets I can approach on your behalf. I’ve been a journalist for 12 years and I can use my experience to get the highest possible fee for your story.

If a deal can be secured, I will work closely with you to write an article you’re completely happy with. It will not be published without your consent and you’ll get a read back of the article before it’s printed, to make sure you’re completely happy with it. You’ll also receive a written agreement which guarantees your payment.


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