Magazine articles – a round up

Since I’ve become a little bit rubbish at posting the articles I’ve had published in the magazines and newspapers recently, here is a small round up!


Steph, 20, fell head over heels for Connor, 20, and was delighted when her childhood best mate approved of him too. They got engaged and Steph was thrilled when she fell pregnant. But a week before the baby was due, Connor dropped a bombshell. He had slept with her friend just days before his fiancee was due to give birth. Steph was devastated and kicked them both out of her life.


After years of struggling to get her weight under control, yo-yo dieter Donna, 36, weighed in at a whopping 25st and was a hulking size 26. The mum lost an amazing 10st 4lbs when she had a gastric bypass – but became addicted to the painkillers given to her after the op. Her addiction caused her fiance Raymond, 31, to cancel their wedding until she sought help – she is now clean and looking forward to the wedding!


Claire, 27, weighed in at a whopping 21st and begged her doctor for a gastric bypass after her 23st fiance Karl, 25, had the surgery. But while Karl lost a staggering 11st, Claire was rushed into intensive care with a perforated bowel just months after her operation. In agony and covered in scars, Claire often turns down Karl’s advances in the bedroom and says she felt much sexier when she was big.


When size 22 Janice, 34, waddled up the aisle to marry hubby William, 35, the porky pair weighed in at a whopping 35st 8lbs between them. The bride was horrified by their wedding pics and banished them from sight. But she came across them again years later and vowed to change. The couple lost a staggering 7st each and to celebrate, Janice will renew her vows to William next year in a stunning size 12 wedding dress.


When Charlotte, 32, suffered a nasty break-up she turned to food for comfort. But her constant binging meant she soon weighed 23st 3lbs. Fed up being fat and frumpy, size 28 Charlotte got a gastric band  after her nan loaned her the cash. She lost a whopping 10st, shrinking down to a size 14. Newly confident Charlotte then met the love of the life James, 27. The pair married in a fairytale wedding ceremony in August.




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